Lifting Capacity: 4-4.5 Tons and Boom Lenth : 14 – 17 mtr

Telehandlers, also called telescopic forklifts or high reach forklifts, feature a telescopic boom device equipped with a fork attachment. The shooting boom forklifts come with an outrigger to stabilize loads, preventing them from falling or slipping. The boom lowers so that the fork component lays flat, allowing the operator to secure the load from underneath. Once stable, the operator can lift and carry loads in the air using our smallest telehandler rental. Due to their horizontal reach capability, operators can position loads correctly in even the tightest spaces and angles on a job site. The biggest disadvantage of telehandlers is that their carrying capacity diminishes the further the boom extends. For this reason, it’s crucial to calculate load size and reach before lifting materials.

We offer high-quality Telehandlers  by top manufacturers . Our Mainly used Telehandlers are  :

JCB 540-170 (4.5 t, 17 mtr) JCB 535-140 (4t, 14 mtr)